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Thursday, October 13, 2005



There is a story, one that is working a way into the hearts and minds of people that care.

As you will see there is much that I care to share about all things that should concern everyone.

I would like to thank Maggie for introducing me to, she also has a blog Here her blog is called Marginal Views. Maggie has a very insightful site, she is very inspirational, Thank You my friend.

Have you ever considered the Evolution of Religion? Click on This Link

How about if you take the D.O.D (Devil out of the Details) instead of Having the D.I.D. (Devil in the Details) and what would such a thing do to our world? Especially in matters that concern our Security and the D.O.D. (Department of Defense)

Do you love Civil liberties and Freedom?

Would you like to view more of my writings and thoughts? I've started a journal which I plan to update reguarly. Here is My Journal


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Saturday, October 08, 2005


Introduction to understanding the very meaning of a word.

Have you ever noticed that words can have more than one meaning and the meanings can be completely opposite? Words can play like oxymorons or double-entendres there dichotomy is vast and even the most well intentioned speaker can be taken out of context if you focus only on a single word or a single meaning of a word. For meanings can also have more than one word to describe a thought. How can we clearly communicate if there are so many variables and barriers that can get in the way of what we are trying to say? If you are speaking to an english scholar you might be saying one thing and meaning another, they can break down the sentence structure to singular points and then rebuild the sentence to say or mean something that was never intended.

I would say that in repairing all things it is good to know how the individual works for the whole, but don't overlook the whole creation when fixing an individual problem. Always keep in mind that the creation is the sum of all of it's parts. If one part is broken or weak, the entire structure can deteriorate. How many people have a problem identifying a broken element in our government, in our religions and in the individual families, when lies like cancer exist to destroy decency.

You can find more definitions of words that seem rather ambiguous. (Click on this link to go to my blog - Teachings)

Teaching, teachers to teach and remember what it was like to begin learning so that everyone can learn to teach.

Heaven is forever,

The Earth shall pass away,

Heaven is that place where the light of love and life is at peace. A sphere like a star in the distance, but in the presence of Heaven you know, You know the peace of GOD and your only desire is to be as close to the heart of GOD, the goal to be in the center by inviting GOD into the center of your life and to live as full and vibrantly to Help others, find their way in Truth.

Prayer, a form of Communication

Where two or more are gathered that is where you can find GOD at work. The people that write and talk to others are the people that are able to engage the tools of society for the needs that must be met for each and every request and praise.

Peace and Accountability,

GOD Bless,


The Evolution of Religion

I take it with faith upon my heart that my religion is true, how can I show this to you?
I know the sum of what I know, can I learn any more?
How do you open the door when faced by tradgedy?
A curse by GOD's grace, is this of GOD?
What does this all say about the human race?
In time we shall all come to know, that GOD is sovereign over ALL
Sovereign and supreme over all religions GOD is the Cream
Not just found in a dream
Unified over all of the Earth GOD is more than you and me
GOD is in you and me, And yet you do not see
The rise and fall of the sea
It reaches up to you and me It calls and screams and then again it comes back
Reaching and thrashing and suddenly quiet. Dancing to the rythm of poetry.
Swirling about and then drifting in and out
Inside of the strongest currents you can still find life
Populating Growing Dividing
The same exists in little pools left behind from the high water line
Life goes on
The sun will rise and set
The moon will glow, The wind will blow, And when all subsides?
It is then you will find
That people still will not know the Truth for which they Live...

The real truth is revealed in the Heart by Love.

[(This post is just an introduction to a larger more complete work found Here at my new blog The Evolution of Religion.)]

Wednesday, October 05, 2005


There is truth in poetry set to the rythm of a song.

Louie Armstrong and
  • What a wonderful World

  • Harold Melvin and the Blue Notes
  • Wake Up Everbody

  • Billie Holiday
  • GOD Bless the Child

  • So many songs, so many revelations of truth from over so many generations.

    Currently my favorite music station is Ben 95.7 FM Due to political spin in the 2008 primaries I am currently listening to a wide range of music once again. 95.1 WZZO, 100.7 WLEV, B 101.1 FM, 102.9 WMGK and occasionally country either 92.5 WXTU or 96.5 Cat Country...

    Christ the Light of the World, For "You are the Christ" Simon/Peter "Only GOD can reveal the truth about the Christ." Look around you... Look up here... And say that you are the Christ and know the Light is shone through the community. Everyone working together for good.

    Star lighting the airwaves to share the truth to be heard and witnessed by All, one station for GOD among many stations that bring forth the Truth and Love that teach us to know GOD.

    Put your hand in the hand of the man from Galilee, He's got the whole world in his hands.

    Peace is the answer, Think of the Children and Teach the Children well. Teach people to paint with all of the colors of the wind. Believe in the next generation. I believe the Children are the answer.

    Tuesday, October 04, 2005

    My Links

    The links that I have posted are links to programs that I try to listen to as much as I can. Some of the programs that I enjoy overlap each other so I will listen for the best of the best.

    Edited March 12, 2006 1:38 PM (Due to a change of station Radio 107.5 is no longer affiliated with the Christian format from the Boyertown station, probably do to a change of station or channel ownership, bye - bye, 107.5 Alive as of 3-8-06 noon?)

    Some shows that I listen to do offend me, because the people are teaching a false belief, the problem is that they are ignorant to what they are teaching.

    So I listen and know that it is not easy to teach an old dog new tricks, eventually I hope to reach the heart of even the staunchest resister to peace.

  • Insight for Living

  • Revive Our Hearts

  • While listening to Insight for living I have to note that I certainly do not agree with the concept of hell even though there is more mention of eternal damnation and a lake of fire than there is about the place of peace in the presence of GOD the heart of which we should all strive to attain. Chuck Swindol did a great message on 1-20-06 about Simon asked by Jesus who is that you say I am, and I could envision that Simon looked all around the room and said that You are the Christ, as his gaze came back to Jesus, for Jesus would know that he alone could not do the work of GOD and provide the salvation for the world but that the world would have to work together as one to bring peace to earth. Any teachings other than the community working together to bless each other would be a false teaching.

    I can only tolerate but a moment of James Dobson while I enjoy most of what Chuck Swindol preaches as well as Nancy Leigh DeMoss.

    (Another edit 7-11-2009: It seems that this radio station 107,5 FM after three years is once again broadcasting as a Christian source of information news and music.)

    I love to listen to Marty and Radio Times, I think she gets it.

    I hope that you can take a moment from time to time to listen to programs such as these. And even better if you can support these programs.

    I called in twice, to Radio Times if you access the archives you can hear the conversations that caught my attention.

    Once on 12-20-04 in regard to law and cases, maybe if you would like to hear what I sound like when complaining about what I’ve been through and the things I’ve seen.

    You can listen to the archived show and hear me at 38:55 I was traveling through New Hope when I called in.

    And I wrote about calling in on another occasion, and wrote this about the experience.

    The Working of the mind.

    Of Abusiveness and Pacifists

    GOD does have a sense of humor, LOL Listen on Real Player at 45:21 in the second hour today 1/31/05 and follow the conversation...

    Should we have a male and female representation at all tables or should we see each gender as having the same make up of the same brain that can work similarly treating people I am aired at 47:30 I'm really sorry for the background noise it is the diesel engine and road noise.

    It is a good listen...

    What happens after my call, the amygdala defense? Come on lets look deeper into who are the people that are protecting the profits of bad psychiatry? Keep an open mind and ask questions...

    Is this interview slanted to control other people...

    Of the Good and the Bad it will all be brought together.

    Now to e-mail, A Kiss to die for, the Evolution of Religion, A vision for the future, and how animals relate to each other.

    These works together might make a very good read as a small book; I would really like to share these ideas with you.

    Thank You